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Roodsafe - Offshore Safety Systems

Our RV Ladder system can be designed and installed to follow the complex contours of an offshore structure, allowing for free traversal of the systems.

  • Height Safety Systems

    Height Safety Systems

    Roodsafe offer a wide range of height safety solutions from Horizontal and Vertical Cable Systems to PPE.

  • Vertical Safety Systems

    Vertical Safety Systems

    The Rood V range offers a comprehensive engineered safe working solution for high risk environments.

  • Offshore Safety Systems

    Offshore Safety Systems

    The inherent strength and flexibility of a rail fall prevention system makes it the ideal solution for offshore applications.

  • Safety Systems Testing

    Safety Systems Testing

    Roodsafe is the largest independent test house in the UK, dedicated solely to the inspection and testing of Fall Arrest Systems and Lightning Protection Systems.

Welcome to Roodsafe

Roodsafe was founded in the year 2000 by the companies Managing Director, Simon Rood. The company continues to be a market leader in the height safety solutions industry by offering a range turnkey solutions, products and services including bespoke works designed to cater to our client’s requirements.
Based in Nottingham and with offices in both Saudi Arabia and Dubai, Roodsafe operate throughout the UK and worldwide with existing clientele in New Zealand, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and Canada amongst others. Our global distribution network means that Roodsafe has you covered for all your height safety requirements across the world.
With our upper management staff having more than 20 years experience within the industry and dealing with the entire process from the design stage through to the manufacture and installation, our clients can be sure of receiving the best solution and most suitable product available that will be provided in a polite, efficient and transparent manner from the start of the process to completion.


At Roodsafe, we specialise in providing height safety solutions to companies all across the world, alongside our other products and services, but what does providing these solutions actually mean to us?
We realise that height safety is not something that should be skimmed over or overlooked, it is an area which is essential to keep on top of for the safety of those working from a place of height. It isn’t a topic which should be briefly mentioned over a cup of coffee, it should be carefully and thoroughly considered although on the other hand, people may not have time or may not know enough about what being safe at a place of height entails to be able to make a decision. Which is why we, Roodsafe, are here. You can come to us with your height safety problem and we will come back to you with an appropriate solution, as we care about all of our clientele and want to make sure that everyone is provided with the highest quality height safety solutions possible.
There’s a lot more that goes into ensuring height safety than people may think. Which is why we have our very own specialist height safety engineers, trained to the highest standards, to carry out all of our test and inspections, installations and site surveys, as we would not put such an important task in the hands of anyone other than the best.
As you can tell, we really do care about height safety and we have made it our mission to ensure that the field of working at heights is made as safe as possible worldwide.

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