Roodsafe Proudly Chosen to Work on Alton Towers’ Rollercoaster Restaurant

4 November 2019

Alton Towers is one of the UK’s largest and most well-known theme parks, providing fun for all ages with thrilling rollercoasters themed to perfection, beautiful gardens and a castle filled with fascinating history.

New for 2016, Alton Towers opened the Rollercoaster Restaurant, open to the visitors in the park and hotels.

With Alton Towers’ exciting new addition to the park, The Rollercoaster Restaurant, they asked us to make sure that the roof would be completely safe if there were to be any works done in the future via the roof. With this being within the theme park, there would be thousands of people looking at the building each day which meant that whatever was to be installed had to be discreet and aesthetically pleasing to cater to the large amount of visitors each day whilst also being as safe as possible for working at heights.

After careful consideration, we decided that the best option for Alton Towers would be for us to install our Mansafe system, comprising of our Roodsafe 8mm cable based fall arrest system, a fixed access ladder, steel platform and a vertical ladder system. This combination of systems was perfect for what Alton Towers needed for the Rollercoaster Restaurant because of the systems availability to suit any area. This was useful due to the building’s unique layout. The systems of choice were also the most suitable option due to their ease of use and aesthetic appearance because, as specified earlier, there would be a large amount of people in the park daily which meant the systems had to cater to that. For the Mansafe system we installed, tested and certificated we were awarded the design, installation and certification for the safety systems.

We are very proud of the Roodsafe team for all their hard work and we are honoured to have worked with Alton Towers on their exciting new addition to the park, The Rollercoaster Restaurant.

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