Mobile man anchors

Mobile Man Anchors

Mobile man anchors

On roof areas where it is not possible to have permanent means of edge protection or a safety line, an alternative option is Mobile man anchors. Mobile man anchors are a temporary solution for height safety requirements and are tested and approved in accordance with BSEN795 Type E, and as a result are required to be tested on an annual basis. Mobile man anchors should be visually inspected before using them, as they are transportable and therefore issues can occur with the system during transportation.

The mobile man anchor has an anticipated lifespan of 25 years. Any part that is damaged during this time will require replacing, however, after a fall it is recommended that the whole mobile man anchor be removed and taken out of service then replaced with a new system.
Mobile man anchors can be cleaned so that they may stay aesthetically pleasing but can only be cleaned using materials that will not react and damage any rubber, polyurethane, aluminium, stainless steel or galvanised steel
Mobile man anchor may be stored in any environment that does not contain materials or have substances in the air that may react and damage rubber, polyurethane, aluminium, stainless steel or galvanised steel. It is a legislative requirement under EN795 that fall protection solutions are tested and re-certified annually by suitably qualified personnel.

Installation Limitations

1. Fall Arrest for two (2) users

2. Maximum roof pitch of five (5) degrees

3. The roof area must be capable of retaining the at least twice weight of the man anchor in the area required.

4. Roofing Materials

i. Single Ply Membrane

ii. Single Ply Bitumen Membrane with stone covering

iii. Single Ply Membrane Bitumen

iv. Concrete Deck

5. Weather

i. Wet surfaces are tested

ii. Dry surfaces are tested​

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