UPVC Walkway


The UPVC walkway clips directly onto roofs without damaging the roof, this also creates a demarcation route for end-users and has the advantage of being anti slip in accordance with BS7976. Walkways systems enable safe access to all areas of the roof, designed in conjunction with a Roodsafe cable based height safety system, a completely safe working at height environment is created, even on a barrel roof in the wet.The component design of the walkway enables any width to be specified.Bearers are available to suit any roof profile. Fixings (if required) are manufactured in house, they are self sealing and adaptable to any profile.


Quick flexible & easy install
Designed to work on major systems including
standing seam, composite, BUOS, secret fix
and single ply, cementitious, slate and
bituminous roofs.
Non penetrative fixings maintain the roof
systems integrity
Can be used to prevent leaf build up in gutters & provide
safe access with an easy remove clip system & nonpenetrative feet.

Durable & Environmentally friendly
Predicted working life of 25 years.
Manufactured from re-chipped window profiles that can
be recycled.
Considerably better decay & slip resistance than
traditional timber systems

Quality & safety assured
Slip resistance to BS 7976
Class 1Y fire resistance (self extinguishing)
Compliant to ACRM fragility of roofing assembly test

The complete solution
Walkway, guardrail and made to order ladders


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