Access Ladders


Access Ladders

When you install a roof safety system like a handrail system or fall arrest system there
is often a requirement to install vertical access! Our access ladders comply with the
latest working at height and roof safety guardrail regulations, and come in a fully
customisable outfit so that you can choose which components you need. Our vertical
ladder kits are modular or custom - so you can choose the bits you need in order to be
fully compliant, or you can get in touch with us to make sure your vertical access is as
safe as it can be. We offer a full turnkey package on our ladders and can carry out
bespoke installations.

Key Features

- Lightweight, anti-corrosion galvanised steel
- Easy to install
- Ensures working at height compliance
- Modular and customisable to fit your exact needs

Fixed Ladders

Fixed Ladders provide an efficient, reliable means of access when working at height, but they must be compliant with current PUWER regulations. We also work to the following British Standards;
BS 4211:2005+A1:2008.
BS 5395-3.1985
BS EN 14122
This includes that access ladders require compliance testing every 12 months. Fixed ladders can be found both internally and externally, in a variety of different areas and a wide range of work loads, so it is imperative to have any fixed ladders tested. 
Our specialised Roodsafe testing team will inspect the ladders, ensuring the ladders are compliant with current legislation, checking for any hazards for example damage or corrosion to the rungs, welds or fixings. The team will also inspect and test all fixings, making sure that they are all secure and compliant. Once the team have deemed the ladder to have passed the test and inspection, they will tag the ladder with a Roodsafe Ladder Inspection Tag, giving any user a clear view that the ladder has passed and when the next inspection is due.

Temporary Ladders

Temporary ladders should only be used for tasks that will last only a short amount of time, and whenever there is no other alternative means of access, this is because of the higher level of risk in comparison to a fixed ladder.
Our specialised Roodsafe testing team will test and inspect temporary ladders, ensuring they comply with British Standards. The following British standards apply to temporary ladders;
. BS 1129
. BS 2037
. BS EN 131

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