RS Safety Install Height Safety Systems for King Abdullah Football Stadium

21 October 2019

The King Abdullah Football Stadium is the biggest stadium in Jeddah, and the second biggest in Saudi Arabia, with a capacity of 62,241! With the King suggesting in his 2009 decree that the city will once again celebrate sport’s role in society, this stadium means a lot to the city and will continue to spread joy through sports.

When the Client came to us they were looking for height safety systems to assist with ensuring maintenance personnel remained safe whilst working on the roof. With it being a football stadium the roof is at a significant height. Of course, the safety systems had to be discreet so they did not disturb the grand design of the stadium.

With this in mind we decided that the best solution would be to install our 8mm Roodsafe Cable Fall Restraint Systems with 5000m of our walkway system to prevent slips and provide a demarcation route. These systems were chosen because of their efficiency and discreetness but where impossible to disguise, would still fit in the design of the stadium.

We are very proud of our work and we are delighted to have worked on such a marvelous project.

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