Roodsafe Removable Lifewheel

Roodsafe’s removable lifewheel is made specifically to offer a higher level of safety to the user. The lifewheel attaches directly to any horizontal or vertical 8mm cable based fall arrest system and allows for the user to run freely for the length of the system and not have to use a twin lanyard to move between intermediate sections and around corners. The big advantage to the removable lifewheel is that the user does not have to be at the end of a cable based fall arrest system to attach the lifewheel as the unique design allows for this to be connected at any position on the system.

RS14- Removable Lifewheel


All cast components -Stainless Steel 17/4 PH

All other steel components - 316S Stainless Steel

Starwheel Buffers - Nylon 6

Axle Screws - Stainless Steel minimum grade A4/70



1. Assembly checked for free running

2. CE Marked



1. Removable Lifewheel should not be used on inclined or vertical systems.

2. Only 1 person to be attached to Lifewheel.

3. Only 8mm (5/16”) 7x7 or 1x19 construction stainless steel cable falling within the limits 7.92mm to 8.32mm (0.312in to 0.327in) should be used.

4. Removable Lifewheel can be attached at any point in the system without the need of entry/ exit components.

5. Always ensure the gate and the body are in the closed position and secured by the Karabiner with a minimum width/ diameter of 10.0mm before use

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