Abseiling Anchors


Abseiling Anchors


Mushroom Post - The Entire Product
Mushroom Top - The structural anchor that will have a minimum of four
attachment point, which acts as anchor points that are permanently fixed so as
structural anchors.
D Ring- Additional D Rings may be fitted to the side of the Mushroom Post
Tube, these are additional anchor points.


The Mushroom Post is designed as a structural anchor.
It can be used for - Restraint systems
Work positioning systems
Rope Access systems
Fall Arrest Systems
The Mushroom Post allows for Double protection when being used for rope

The Mushroom Post should only be used for one user at a time in general
usage. This includes any anchor points on the Mushroom Post. Except for in a
rescue scenario
The Mushroom Post has a WLL 240Kg
The Mushroom Post must never be used for materials lifting or loading
The Mushroom Post can be used by a second user in a rescue scenario,
although alternative anchor points should be located nearby to allow for
rescue scenarios.
The Mushroom Post must always be in the vertical position.
Each system installation must be approved by an engineer, to the suitability of
strength for the structural anchor.

Design & Components

System Design
The Mushroom Post will generally be placed in areas where there will be a risk
of a user falling from a height. All necessary precautions must be taken to
ensure no fall occurs.
The mounting of Mushroom Posts should be checked for suitability of
anchorage and loadings. This may require third party involvement from a
structural engineer

Abseiling section 2


BS 7985 requires two lines to be attached to anchor points with a capacity of
15kN. The Mushroom post has had a force of 20kN applied horizontally for 3 minutes
and a peak force of 31kN reached without failure. This is achieved using standard
M12 x 160mm Rods in concrete.
If unsure of suitability for use a Trial test can be carried out on the substrate
that the Mushroom post is fixed to. Which involves fixing a base plate with matching
centers to the mushroom post and an attachment point for tensile testing equipment,
resin fix in 4 fixing rods and pulling to 12kN for equipment relevant to BS795-1997 or
15kN for equipment relevant to LOLER or BS 7985:2013.
A Proof test can then be carried out on the Mushroom post-installation; this is
done by applying a force 6kN to any attachment point. Preferably in a vertical, then
horizontal direction.
The Mushroom post should have had a periodic examination in the last 6
months if being used for rope access (12 months for other uses).

Pre-use checks
1. Ensure that you and anyone else using the Mushroom Post are
competent to do so. All trained users of the Mushroom Post should have
this in writing and be recorded by a relevant training authority.
2. All users should have read and digested the information within this
3. A visual examination of the Mushroom Post should be carried out. This
is to be done to ensure that no damage has occurred to the Mushroom
Post. This may be missing components or significant wear.

For the connection of ropes in the use of rope access, all connectors must
conform to BS 362
The connectors for the working line should be attached to one Anchor point
and one D ring.
The connectors for the safety line should be then attached to one Anchor point
and one D ring( this can be the same Anchor Point and D ring as the working rope,
as long as one to each).

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