EN 795

This is the standard governing the manufacture, installation and testing of fall arrest/restraint systems.


Magenta Books 1 & 2

Magenta books are the Best Practise guides produced by the HSE with the assistance of industry experts.

Roodsafe had two staff members selected to assist in the books preparation.

Magenta books cover recommended procedures for testing of Fall Arrest systems.


Magenta Books

This is the guidance issued by the HSE for best practise in relation to fall arrest/restraint systems.

  •  Magenta Book Part 1
  •  Magenta Book Part 2


All Roodsafe system and post tests are independently tested.

Roodsafe Testing

Magenta Book recommends: 100kg drop load test per user.EN 795 recommends: 100kg drop load test through 2.5m.


Independent Testing

Due to the safety critical nature of fall arrest systems, ensure your system manufacturer can confirm 100% independent testing of products and systems, given the prolific practise of copy-cat top fix post technology, self certification is not best practise.

ALL Roodsafe products and systems are independently tested by a recognised test house.