Roodsafe sponsor Darlene

Roodsafe are proud to have been offered an opportunity to assist Darlene with her up and coming World Championship bid in Austria for the special needs Kata ( Karate)


Darlene has autism and dispraxia as well as many other problems which she deals with every day.


Darlene has been doing karate for many years in the special needs category, she has been chosen to go to Austria to compete in the world championships special needs kata. Very well done Darlene


Funding is low or non-existing in these events, no real surprise on that one!  so Darlene has been doing a lot of fundraising things herself, walking pen y fan, selling handmade cards and packing bags at our local Tesco’s


Roodsafe will offer financial assistance for the trip ( and will be twisting a few of our suppliers arms for assistance as well) anybody wanting to donate, please contact us, every little helps

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