Roodsafe selected to work on Alton Towers new addition – The Dungeons

Alton Towers is one of the UK’s largest and most well-known theme parks. Providing fun for all ages with thrilling roller coasters themed to perfection alongside beautiful gardens and a castle filled with a fascinating history.

New to 2019, Alton Towers have opened ‘The Dungeons’. Creating a thrilling walk through experience with a storyline based on the local history, filled with laughs and scares along the way.

With launching their new thrilling experience of The Alton Towers Dungeons, they needed some help with making sure that the roof of the building would be completely safe if there were any works to be done to The Dungeons in the future. With The Dungeons being visited by thousands of people each day with the park being so popular, one of the requirements was that the systems that would be installed were to be discreet and aesthetically pleasing so it would not disturb the appearance of the dungeons.

After careful deliberation we decided that the Roodsafe 8mm Cable Based Fall Arrest System would be the best option for Alton Towers due to the systems ease of use and aesthetic appearance. With these systems being installed it could be easily hidden and if from any angle you were able to see it then it would not disturb the aesthetic of The Alton Towers Dungeons. For this we were awarded the design installation and certification for the safety systems.

We are very proud of the Roodsafe team for all of their hard work and we are honoured to of worked with Alton Towers.


Alton_Towers_Resort_Logo (1) Alton_Towers_Entrance_1 (1) Alton_Towers_-_Château Alton Towers Dungeons

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