Roodsafe chosen to ensure safety for Amazon

Amazon is famously known as the world’s leading online shop, providing its customers with every product under the sun. Ranging from tech to clothing to groceries to music, the list could go on and on.

With Amazon being one of the world’s leading online shops, you can imagine how many level changing picking machines they must need and of course the fall arrest systems that go along with them need to be thoroughly tested and inspected to ensure the safety of the people working on and around them. This is exactly what they asked us to do.

At Roodsafe we care about the safety of our clients. So as we would do for any of our clientele, we went to Amazon’s site and we assiduously tested and inspected their fall arrest systems to ensure the safety of the workers at Amazon’s site.

We are very proud to of been chosen to carry out these tests and inspections.

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